The Expert Jury of 2020

Jan 01 2020

An important aspect of the Diamond Theme Park Awards is nominating theme parks, attractions, ... to ultimately filter out the upper jay. 

The nomination process is quite a challenge.

We approached people that are particularly familiar with theme parks, and/or zoos and their typical attractions and themeing, to assure that no candidate would be overlooked.
Assisted with their insights and recommendations, we established and proudly present a strong short list of nominated candidates.
This year also the local parks will have their vote into the system.

Here are the people and websites who offered their insights and collaboration:

  • ECC Benelux: European Coaster Club, famous rollercoaster club
  • Geert Smets: creater of
  • all you need to know about giant pandas
  • J.Coasters: Website/blog about amusement parks, theming and games
  • Laafse Kikkers: fansite and reknowned forum about animal parks
  • Mark Fl: a zoo enthusiast with interests in zoological park developments
  • Parkfan Explorer: great portal with info and news (in French)
  • one of the most well respected themeparksites from the Netherlands
  • - co-founder of the Diamond ThemePark Awards
  • co-founder of the Diamond ThemePark Awards
  • huge website about tourism and vacation
  • Rik Engelen: reknowned roller coaster photographer: his pictures are globaly praized.
  • Rollercoaster Friends: Belgian rollercoaster club
  • Belgian website with park news from all over the globe
  • fun themepark fansite

And we have five international jury members in our midst:

  • Actu'Zoo: popular zoo forum
  • Freizeitpark News: Popular Facebook Community from Germany with lots of themepark news
  • OOPARC: French guide of amusement parks
  • ThemeParkJames: Member of ECC, and great rollercoaster and themepark enthusiastic fan with an incredible Youtube Channel
  • ThemeParks-EU: Great portal with a lot of themeparks news from all over Europe


Special thanks to: Rik Engelen, Geert Smets, Mark Fl and:

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