Tenth edition of the Diamond ThemePark Awards

Each year, since the past 10 years, we have been organizing a quest to find the best inside the sector of amusement parks and zoological parks. Also, for this 10th edition we are focusing on the regional parks, although it is clear that also on European level we are gaining certain importance. Meanwhile all finalist in the different categories are known, so it is about time for the visitors to vote onto their favorites…


21 categories


It is now already the tenth time that two park-enthusiasts and friends, Patrick Joossens (Parkworld/Zoo.be) and Vincent De Vriendt (Pretparkbeest.be), are organizing this popular poll.

Which amusement park or zoo do you think is best? On this question, and several other questions, we try to find an answer… 21 categories have been created where people can vote on. All votes together count for half. The other half is determined by a jury.

“Diamond ThemePark Awards is meant to bring amusement parks and zoos into the spotlight, in a positive way,” says Patrick Joossens. “The poll is having a European section but is mainly focusing on parks from Belgium and the Netherlands. The importance of the awards has grown over the years, with 50.000 fans voting each year, but also because of the local media which is putting a lot of attention on the results.”

The system is quite easy: people just vote where they can. The finalists were selected by the jury, existing out of several fans of both zoos and amusement parks, and online media. Their input, based on objective judgement, is counting for 50% of the final score.

The final result will be presented during a special show in Bellewaerde.
Bellewaerde is not only an amusement park, but also a zoo. It opened last season Bellewaerde Aquapark, which is open during the winter season to the public. In 2020 the park will open a new rollercoaster to its public.


 Bellewaerde Aquapark1200800



BeNe-amusement parks

  • Beste Pretpark / Best Amusement Park / Le Meilleur Parc d'Attractions / Bester Freizeitpark (BeNe)
  • Beste Kinderpark / Best Kid's Park / Le Meilleur Parc Destiné aux Enfants / Bester Kinderpark (BeNe)
  • Beste Achtbaan / Best Rollercoaster / La Meilleure des Montagnes Russes / Beste Achterbahn (BeNe)
  • Beste Attractie / Best Ride / La Meilleure Attraction / Beste Attraktion (BeNe)
  • Beste Halloween / Best Halloween / Le Meilleur Evénement / Best Event (BeNe)


  • Beste Dierentuin / Best Zoo / Le Meilleur Parc Zoologique / Bester Zoo (BeNe)
  • Mooiste Dierenverblijf / Most Beautiful Animal Enclosure / L'Habitat le plus Beau / Bestes Tiergehege (BeNe)
  • Leukste Avontuur in de Zoo / Best Adventure inside the zoo / L'Aventure la plus Amusante dans un Parc Zoologique / Bestes Abenteuer im Zoo (BeNe)
  • Mooiste Geboorte / Most Beautiful Birth / La plus belle naissance / Die schönste Geburt (BeNe)
  • Beste dierendemonstratie-show / Best animal demonstration-show / La Meilleure Démonstration-spectacle d'animaux / Beste Tierdemonstration-Show (BeNe)


  • Beste Personeel / Best Staff / Le Meilleur Personnel / Bester Personal (BeNe)
  • Beste Restaurant / Best Restaurant / Le Meilleur Restaurant / Bestes Restaurant (BeNe)
  • Beste Evenement / Best Event / Le Meilleur Evénement / Best Event (BeNe)
  • Mooiste Park / Most Beautiful Park / Le Plus Beau Parc / Das schönste Park (BeNe)  
  • e-Award (BeNe)


  • Beste Themapark / Best Themepark / Meilleur Parc à Thèmes / Bester Themenpark (EU)
  • Beste Achtbaan / Best Rollercoaster / La Meilleure des Montagnes Russes / Beste Achterbahn (EU)
  • Beste Attractie-Show / Best Ride-Show / La Meilleure Attraction-Spectacle / Beste Attraktions-Show (EU)
  • Beste Nieuw in de pretparken 2019 / Best New in the themeparks 2019 / La meilleure Nouveauté dans un parc d'attractions en 2019 / Beste Neuheit in Themenparken 2019 (EU)
  • Beste Overnachting-Hotel / Best Overnight Stay-Hotel / Le Meilleur Hébergement-Hôtel / Beste Übernachtung-Hotel (EU)
  • Beste Dierentuin / Best Zoo / Le Meilleur Parc Zoologique / Bester Zoo (EU)

Spotlight Award (choosen by the jury)