Privacy Statement

Mar 01 2015

Diamond ThemePark Awards is a non-profit organisation. Its goal is to determine the best amusement park and zoo, via an online poll.
By visiting our website, automatically several data are being captured, which tell more on the behavior of each visitor on the Diamond ThemePark Awards website. These data are not being used for any purpose at all... Because there is no registration needed to vote, only a limited  amount of data is captured by the Joomla Database (IP-address, location, browser and Operating Systeem). We are only using the country of residence to get a statistical overview to understand where our voters are coming from. The other collected data is not being used, not internally, not externally... 

Also all votes by the jury remain anonymous. Only the ranking based on the total score is being released.

When starting a new edition, we erase all previous data...