Results 2017

Results Diamond ThemePark Awards 2017

Apr 12 2017

Diamond ThemePark Awards name best zoo and best amusement park for 2017

At the start of each new park season, the winners of the Diamond ThemePark Awards are being announced. In 2017, more than 47.000 voters selected their preference on the many candidates. The ranking of the votes counted for 50% of the total score. The other half has been determined by the ranking made up by the Expert Jury, that exist out of several fans from all over Europe, who are visiting several parks on almost a weekly base because of their passion. Their points of attention to different aspects lead to the judging at the Diamond ThemePark Awards.

The Diamond ThemePark Awards is an election, mainly focusing on amusement parks and zoological parks in Belgium and the Netherlands.
With 7 awards Efteling has won most of the awards that could be earned. It has been voted to be the Best Amusement Park of this area and the theme park ended second in the European category for Best Theme Park, right behind Europa-Park.

20170412 DTPA Efteling900

Best zoo in the Benelux is again Pairi Daiza.
Safaripark Beekse Bergen ended up right behind the Belgian park and became the best Zoological Park of the Netherlands. Beekse Bergen received most awards after Efteling: 4 awards in total. 

20170412 DTPA PairiDaiza900

Our guest park, Walibi Belgium, won 3 awards. Walibi can call itself the Best Amusement Park of Belgium for an entire season. Its waterpark Aqualibi got rewarded to be the best Waterpark of Belgium. Their newest ride PULSAR, a splash coaster, won already several international prices, and now this world premier ride got also the recognition from audience and jury and got voted to be the Best Waterride of Belgium. 
Also Bellewaerde, Bobbejaanland, Pairi Daiza and Plopsaland De Panne won 3 prestigious awards each… 

20170412 DTPA Walibi900

This edition a quest was launched to reward a zoological park with the greatest contribution to breeding programs under endangered and highly endangered species, external projects to support conservation and scientific research. CRC (Centre for Research and Conservation) of Zoo Antwerpen has been elected to be the best of class. Stichting Wildlife of the Libema-parks became the best in the Netherlands.
The most beautiful birth has been a jury award this year. During the selection of candidates we have noticed three very rare births for our region, with great visibility by the parks on their social media channels and into the press, that we have decided to make an exception here and reward all these three parks. In alphabetical order: the African Elephant in Beekse Bergen, the Amur Leopard in Bellewaerde and the Giant Panda in Pairi Daiza.

The Spotlight Award is a yearly price to bring a person from Belgium or the Netherlands into the spotlight, because of his great achievements, not only for the past year, but also as a token of appreciation for an entire career. This edition Eric Daman will receive this award. As a renowned designer he received already several international awards. His latest creations, like Klugheim and Chiapas in Phantasialand, convinced the jury to add his name to the impressive list of winners for this award. 

20170412 DTPA EricDaman Adri Van Esch
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Complete results can be found below.

Best Amusement Park (BeNe)
BeNe. Efteling
Be. Walibi Belgium

Most Child Friendly Park (BeNe)
BeNe. Plopsaland De Panne
Ne. Efteling

Best Rollercoaster (BeNe)
BeNe. Goliath (Walibi Holland)
Be. Anubis the Ride (Plopsaland De Panne)

Best Water Ride (BeNe)
BeNe. De Vliegende Hollander (Efteling)
Be. Pulsar (Walibi Belgium)

Most Spectacular Ride (BeNe)
BeNe. Sledgehammer (Bobbejaanland)
Ne. Wild Wings (Duinrell)

Best Zoo (BeNe)
BeNe. Pairi Daiza
Ne. Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Most Beautiful Animal Enclosure (BeNe)
BeNe. Tijgertempel (Pairi Daiza)
Ne. Okapiverblijf (Diergaarde Blijdorp)

Best Adventure inside the Zoo (BeNe)
BeNe. Bus Safari (Safaripark Beekse Bergen)
Be. Jungle Mission (Bellewaerde)

Best Contribution (BeNe)
BeNe. CRC (ZOO Antwerpen)
Ne. Stichting Wildlife (Libema)

[JURYonly] Most Beautiful Birth (BeNe)
African Elephant (Safaripark Beekse Bergen)
Amur Leopard (Bellewaerde)
Giant Panda (Pairi Daiza)

Best Waterpark (BeNe)
BeNe. Tikibad (Duinrell)
Be. Aqualibi (Walibi Belgium)

e-Award (BeNe) (Best website / best social media / best App / …)
BeNe. Efteling
Be. KMDA: ZOO Antwerpen en Planckendael

Best Service (BeNe)
BeNe. Efteling
Be. Bellewaerde

Park with Best Shows and Entertainment
BeNe. Bobbejaanland
Ne. Efteling

Best Restaurant (BeNe)
BeNe. Poort van Azië (Diergaarde Blijdorp)
Be. Prinsessia (Plopsaland De Panne)

Best Halloween (BeNe)
BeNe. Walibi Holland
Be. Bobbejaanland

Best Themepark (EU)
1. Europa-Park
2. Efteling
3. Disneyland Paris

Best Steel Rollercoaster (EU)
Taron (Phantasialand)

Best Wooden Rollercoaster (EU)
Tonnerre de Zeus (Parc Asterix)

Best Ride/Show (EU)
Tower of Terror (Walt Disney Studios Park)

Best New 2016 (EU)
Themed Area Klugheim (Phantasialand)

[JURYonly] Spotlight Award
Eric Daman

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