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Results Diamond ThemePark Awards 2016

Special thanks to Walibi Holland

Each edition has its winners. Also the sixth edition of the Diamond ThemePark Awards has given several great winners. Everytime a quest has been initiated to find the best amusement, park, the best zoo. 
Almost 45.000 voters determined for 50% the winners, the other half is being determined by the scores of the jury, which exist out several great fans who visit parks even more than professionals... With their passion and their sharp eyes, they are best placed to give an honest comparison between the different nominees.

The winners got awarded during a special event in the Walibi Bizniz Center in Walibi Holland, a multi-functional area which was the scene of this special event.
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Best Amusement Park (BeNe)

BENL: Efteling
BE: Walibi Belgium

Best Zoo(BeNe)

BENL: Pairi Daiza
NL: Safaripark Beekse Bergen

Best Themepark (EU)

1. Europa-Park 
2. Disneyland Paris 
3. Efteling 


Best Rollercoaster(BeNe)

BENL: Baron 1898 (Efteling)
BE: Anubis: The Ride (Plopsaland De Panne)

Best Ride (BeNe)

BENL: Droomvlucht (Efteling)
BE: Sledgehammer (Bobbejaanland)

Most Child-friendly Park(BeNe)

BENL: Plopsaland De Panne
NL: Efteling

Best Thrill-park (BeNe)

BENL: Walibi Belgium
NL: Walibi Holland


Most Beautiful Animal Exhibit (BeNe)

BENL: Tijgertempel (Pairi Daiza)
NL: Burgers’ Bush (Burgers’ Zoo) 

Most Beautiful Birth (BeNe)

BENL: Okapi (ZOO Antwerpen)
NL: Ijsberen (2) (Dierenrijk)

Best Experience inside the zoo (BeNe)

BENL: Bus Safari (Safaripark Beekse Bergen)
BE: Jungle Mission (Bellewaerde)


Best Waterpark(BeNe)

BENL: Plopsaqua - Plopsaland De Panne
NL: Tikibad - Duinrell

Most Beautiful Park (BeNe)

BENL: Pairi Daiza
NL: Efteling

e-Award (BeNe) (Best website, socmed, Wi-Fi, App,…)

BENL: Efteling
BE: Pairi Daiza

Best Show (BeNe)

BENL: Roofvogelvoorstelling (Pairi Daiza)
NL: Aquanura (Efteling)

Best F&B (Food and Beverage) (BeNe) 

BENL: Efteling
BE: Pairi Daiza

Best Halloween (BeNe)

BENL: Walibi Holland
BE: Walibi Belgium


Best Rollercoaster (EU)

1. Black Mamba (Phantasialand)
2. Expedition Ge-Force (Holiday-Park)
3. Helix (Liseberg)

Best Ride/Show (EU)

1. Tower of Terror (Walt Disney Studios Park) 
2. Chiapas (Phantasialand)
3. La Cinéscénie (Puy du Fou)

Best New 2015 (EU)

1. Baron 1898 (Efteling)
2. Plopsaqua (Plopsaland De Panne)
3. The Lovers of Verdun (Puy du Fou)

Best Fan Made Movie

Toverlandfansite: Toverland Midzomeravonden 2015

Spotlight Award

Steve Van den Kerkhof

Lifetime Achievement Award

Ton van de Ven

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Beste Pretpark /
Best Themepark (BeNe)
NL: Efteling
BE: Walibi Belgium