Winners of the Diamond ThemePark Awards 2015

Apr 29 2015

During a special event at the zoological gardens of Pairi Daiza, the winners of the fifth edition of the Diamond ThemePark Awards (seen as the Oscars for zoological parks and amusement parks in Belgium and the Netherlands) have been announced.

Efteling, Plopsaland and Pairi Daiza are the major winners of the Diamond ThemePark Awards 2015

DTPA 2015 VincentThree parks out of 47 nominated parks scored exceptionally well. Major winner has been Efteling again with 8 Awards, with the much wanted title of “Best Amusement Park inside Belgium and the Netherlands”. Also Pairi Daiza - Best zoo and most beautiful park of Belgium and the Netherlands - and Plopsaland De Panne – best amusement of Belgium – could return home with 4 different prices.

During a period of 4 weeks almost 45.000 people found their way to give their vision about amusement parks and zoos by voting for the Diamond ThemePark Awards. These election “oscars” were founded 5 years ago by Patrick Joossens and Vincent De Vriendt, two positive minded park fans from Antwerp, who run their own well respected fansites (respectively and

An Expert Jury, existing out of fans and professionals from different kind of touristic attractions, nominated several candidate-winners in 19 different categories for the season 2014. The voting happened on a short period in 2015: from March 21st until April 19th.

There are 14 categories especially for Belgium and the Netherlands. There is one winner per country (example Plopsaland de Panne as being the best amusement park of Belgium and Efteling to be the best in the Netherlands), but there is also one major winner for both countries together (in this example Efteling has been voted to be the best amusement park in Belgium and the Netherlands).
Detailed results can be found below.

In short: Efteling is heading home with 8 awards, Pairi Daiza and Plopsaland de Panne both with 4 awards each. Besides these winners, there are also many other parks worth mentioning, who won an award. Safaripark Beekse Bergen received two awards. Bellewaerde, Bobbejaanland, Dierenpark Amersfoort, Diergaarde Blijdorp, Dolfinarium Harderwijk, Walibi Belgium, Grottes de Han and Zoo Antwerp got 1 award each.

DTPA 2015 PatrickThe jury also awarded Wouter Dekkers with a so called Spotlight Award. This man had a huge impact on the revival of Moviepark Germany and during 2014 season he went to work in Attractiepark Slagharen where he immediately start using his influence to create a major change inside the Dutch amusement resort.

The Jury-Award is for Walibi Holland.
"Each year, the expert jury is awarding a park from Belgium and the Netherlands, of which we believe it is excelling in many aspects.", says Patrick Joossens, one of the founders. "Walibi Holland is a park, with a great offering of rides, spectacular rollercoasters and specific events. The park is mainly focusing to a teenager and young adult audience, which is unique in Belgium and the Netherlands. The major apotheoses of the season is the yearly Halloween event, Fright Nights."

Also for European parks, 5 Awards are being granted. Disneyland Paris is the major winner here: the French Disney-park has been crowned as being the “Best Thempark in Europa”. “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” received the award for being the “Best European Ride”.
Phantasialand has been voted to be the “best Daytrip”, for parks close to the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. Their new water ride “Chiapas” has been voted to be the “best New Ride of 2014”. Europa-Park only won 1 award this season with blue fire being the “Best European Rollercoaster”.



The first one mentioned won both BE+NL

Best Amusement Park BeNe 
NL Efteling
BE Plopsaland De Panne

Best Ride BeNe 
NL Joris en de Draak (Efteling) 
BE Anubis the Ride (Plopsaland De Panne)

Most Child friendly Park BeNe 
NL Efteling 
BE Plopsaland De Panne

Best Thrill Park BeNe 
BE Walibi Belgium 
NL Efteling

Spotlight Award 
Wouter Dekkers

Jury Award 
Walibi Holland

Best Zoo BeNe
BE Pairi Daiza
NL Diergaarde Blijdorp

Most beautiful Animal Exhibit BeNe
BE Reuzenpanda’s (Pairi Daiza)
NL Nijlpaarden- en krokodillenverblijf (Safaripark Beekse Bergen)

Best Wildlife Park BeNe
NL Safaripark Beekse Bergen
BE Wildpark Grotten van Han

Park with Best Marine-life Site BeNe
NL Dolfinarium Harderwijk
BE La Porte des Profondeurs (Pairi Daiza)

Most Beautiful Birth BeNe
NL Tijgerdrieling (Dierenpark Amersfoort)
BE Uilenkopmeerkat (ZOO Antwerpen)

Best event BeNe
NL Winter Efteling (Efteling)
BE Halloween (Bobbejaanland)

Park with Best Service BeNe
NL Efteling
BE Bellewaerde

Most Beautiful Park BeNe
BE Pairi Daiza
NL Efteling

e-Award BeNe
NL Efteling
BE Plopsa

Best Action from a Fan BeNe 
NL Vrienden van Blijdorp
BE Sam Clauw (BellewaerdeFun)

Best Theme Park EU
1. Disneyland Paris
2. Europa-Park
3. Phantasialand

Best Day Trip (1 hr from BeNe-border) EU
1. Phantasialand

Best Rollercoaster EU
1. blue fire (Europa-Park)

Best Ride (rollercoasters not included) EU
1. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
(Walt Disney Studios Park)

Best New Ride (2014) EU
1. Chiapas (Phantasialand)